The Paleo Women Program


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Join this five week program with holistic, Primal Health Coach Christina Rice to
learn the ins and outs of the Paleo lifestyle for WOMEN!
Christina will teach you everything you need to know about the paleo diet,
its benefits, why it’s different for women, how to avoid common health mistakes women make, how to make this a lifestyle, and more.


If you’re a woman looking to transform your life and thrive on Paleo, this program is perfect for you! It’s not just about nutrition – we cover it all. We will be talking about emotional health, stress management, exercise, sleeping, optimizing hormones, handling social situations, and much, much more. 




Here’s what we will cover:

Week 1Everything You Need to Know About Paleo – Benefits, How it Helps Women, & Macronutrients

Week 2Action Steps for Paleo Living – Cooking and Grocery Shopping Hacks

Week 3Top Mistakes Women Make on Paleo & How to Avoid Them

Week 4Making Paleo a Lifestyle for the Long Run

Bonus ModuleBalancing Hormones with the Paleo Diet




Format and More Info:

* Five weekly live video trainings with Christina, where you can ask your questions directly

* Weekly PDFs with tips, tricks, and recaps of the lessons to help you on your journey

* A private Facebook group for questions and constant support from Christina and the other women who have been in and are currently in the program

* Weekly “assignments” to help you make the transition and feel your best!

* Every person will be able to ask Christina direct questions during the video training for live coaching!

* Replays are always available if you cannot make the live call. If you can’t make the call, you can still submit questions for Christina to answer.

*Lifetime access to the program’s materials and Facebook group



Are you ready to transform your life and start feeling your best? This program is for you! 




“If you’re new to paleo or you THINK you know it all, you really don’t until you work with Christina. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on paleo, but I learned SO much within just the first week, and I kept learning beyond what I had imagined with every week! Christina is truly one of the most knowledgeable resources for not just paleo nutrition, but paleo lifestyle as well. She also is so helpful for people struggling with digestive/lifestyle issues because she’s been there herself and knows firsthand what you’re feeling both physically and emotionally. Honestly cannot recommend this program enough for anyone who is curious about paleo, getting started living a healthier life (not just eating!), or feels like they know it all but still wants to know more!! Christina ROCKS!!”


“Joining the Paleo Women Program was probably the best thing I’ve ever done for my health. I’ve been battling chronic migraines, fatigue, and digestion issues and recently the stress from grad school has been adding to all of these problems. I knew I should work with a nutritional therapist but can’t afford one-on-one sessions right now, so I joined this group program. I learned a ton about proper nutrition, how to fuel my body, what inflammatory foods to avoid, and lifestyle and stress management tips. Within a couple weeks of eating paleo I started to feel much better – I haven’t had a migraine in about seven weeks and my digestion has been on point. Even my sleep has improved! During the program I’ve had full access to Christina and was able to ask questions and troubleshoot my specific problems, and get feedback and suggestions from a group of likeminded women. Could not recommend the program more!”


“Christina’s Paleo Women Program has been so much fun and I am so sad it’s over. I have followed Christina on Instagram, read her blog, and listen to both of her podcasts. Not only is she so sweet and genuine, she is FULL of knowledge and she is always willing to share any and all information with us. The way Christina works with us makes us feel like she is a friend and I really appreciate all of the time she puts into everything she does for us!”
-Amy S.