At what point does an eating disorder become life-threatening? How much did you weigh at your lowest point? 27. April 2017

I think every eating disorder is life threatening. If someone is struggling with an eating disorder, it needs to be addressed immediately. My lowest weight was about 73 pounds, but someone doesn’t have to be that low of weight for it to be life threatening.

Whatre your thOughts on beauty counter tint skin foundation?! 27. April 2017

Highly recommend for normal/dry skin!

Thoughts on RMS Beauty foundation? The “un-coveR up”? 27. April 2017

I know a lot of people love it, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me 🙁 It creases on me and slides off my skin. And leaves it oily! But products always work differently for different people.

Do you have any favorite cookbooks or healthy eating resources? Thank you 🙂 20. April 2017

Yes! I love Practical Paleo, Juli Bauer’s Cookbook, The Keto Diet, and the Paleo Grubs Book! However, to be completely honest, I think the best resource is just the Internet. There are so many healthy eating blogs that you don’t really need to buy a cookbook. Check out,,,,,….so many! And also Instagram! It’s a goldmine.

Do you have a favorite bone Broth brand? 20. April 2017

I really like Kettle & Fire, Bare Bones, and Brothee if you’re in LA!

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