Did you find out about orthorexia on your own? Or did your doctor’s tell you that’s what you had? How did that work if it isn’t listed in the dsm? 3. May 2017

I found out about it just off of my own research, when I saw a video with Jordan Younger talking about it. Then I started researching it and learning more about it, and I eventually read Breaking Vegan. I talked about it with my therapist and she agreed I had it, even though it’s not yet in the DSM.

Is there any way to tell the difference between water weight, fat, and muscle weight? 3. May 2017

Yes! Many practitioners will have machines that can measure the difference. My doctor uses an inBody scanner that tells you the measurements of each. You can also get commercial scales that measure water weight, muscle, and fat, but they’re not as accurate!

Have you heard anything about the lra by elisa/act test panels? My Rd is having me do it to figure out any intolerances/allergies I have that could be causing my issues. I haven’t heard of it before and im curious if you know of anyone who’s benefitted from having it done. Thanks 💕 3. May 2017

I personally don’t know much about it so I can’t say! The only tests I personally approve of are Cyrex labs and the MRT!

Do you ever feel like you eat too much meat on your protocol/paleo? I am doing whole30 and feel like I am eating a ton of meat (more than im used to) and its giving me some stomach problems. how much meat is too much to you? 27. April 2017

Personally, no. My diet is primarily plant-based! I eat much more plants than I do meat. I think it depends how you were eating before. For example, I’ve always eaten meat with my diet, so by comparison, it’s not much different. It might feel like a lot if you’re just not used to it! But also make sure you’re not eating POUNDS of meat every day, although I highly doubt you’re doing that! You have to remember that when you’re doing whole 30, you’re probably taking something out, like grains, so you have to eat more of the other foods to make up those calories. If you feel like you’re eating too much meat, lower the meat and increase your fats and veggies! Protein actually shouldn’t be that hard for your body to digest, so if it is, that is indicating that their is another issue. You might need digestive enzymes to help out!

Christina, What are your thoughts on matcha green Tea. Any favorite brands or recipes usiNg matcha? 27. April 2017

I love matcha green tea! I don’t have any favorite brands right now, but just make sure it’s organic! I love to make lattes with matcha, coconut butter, and cinnamon, and also love to put matcha in a smoothie! Spinach, avocado/coconut, coconut butter, cinnamon, nut milk, matcha… tastes delicious!

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