you should have juli bauer on your podcast!!! 28. June 2017

If I could get Juli on my podcast I would DIE of happiness.

How do you make your food pics look so good? Do you use editing software, what camera do you use, and do you have any tips for how to make sure the picture turns out bright and clear? thanks! 21. June 2017

You are so sweet! I honestly feel like my food pics are not that great.. but photography is not my thing, so that’s okay. I take my photos with my iPhone or Canon Rebel T3i. If I take it on my Canon, I edit with Lightroom. If it’s on my iPhone, I usually edit in Afterlight or the Instagram app itself!

do you think everyone would benefit from food INTOLERANCE tests? they’re so expensive so is it worth it? 7. June 2017

I don’t think everyone needs to do food intolerance testing. I think it really depends on the person’s situation, because it is expensive, and there are no tests that are completely accurate anyways, as of right now. There are a lot of ways to figure out what your body is intolerant to without using a test. At the end of the day, your body is the best measure of what foods are harming it.

However, I think that food intolerance testing is extremely useful for people who have more complicated cases and who have tried a number of other things and are feeling like they are at a dead end. For example, if you’ve addressed everything else that might be wrong with your gut (bacterial overgrowths/imbalances, etc), have eliminated inflammatory foods, tried elimination diets, are taking all of the proper supports, and are still having issues, it’s a good way to find some more direction. I never would have known that my body was reacting to so many of the foods I was eating every day until I did the food intolerance testing.

However, the person you are working with should be guiding you through the decision! You have to do food intolerance testing through a professional, and that person should let you know when they think it’s time to test and when they think there are other things to try first 🙂

C, i am very impressed By & relate to your journey. I too have sought a bad-ass MD but i have not found one. Who/Where is youR doc? Can you or he recommend a doc in vegas? Many thanks, & keep writing & fighting! 7. June 2017

My doctor is in Santa Monica! I would recommend going to and searching for a practitioner in your area!

I know you have probably answered this countless times-what are your favorite blogs/bloggers? 6. June 2017

I love Chickpea in the City, The Balanced Berry, Kale In It, The Balanced Blonde, The Skinny Confidential, Blonde Gone Clean, Real Food with Dana, No Whey Lady, Diane Sanfilippo, Juli Bauer from PaleOMG, My Healthyish Life, That Paleo Girl, Going Grainless, Jesica Sepel, and so many more!! I know I’m forgetting people.. whoops.

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