Hey Christina! I really want to make the transition to eating healthier but i get so bored because i am so picky when it comes to healthy foods, especially veggies. I grew up eating super unhealthy and now that im 22, it is so hard to change my taste buds. it gets kinda discouraging when i don’t enjoy what i am eating. do you have any advice for me on how i can make the transition and make my taste buds different? 20. August 2017

I totally understand where you’ve been! It’s so common. I would make a list of things you like and search for recipes for healthier versions of those things! You can still enjoy all of the things you love, you just need different ingredients. For veggies, try different oils, seasonings, and cooking methods. You’d be surprised at how much that can change the flavor of vegetables. And don’t be afraid of healthy fats! That’s what adds flavor to food. Use coconut oil, avocado oil, ghee, duck fat, etc. to cook with, add salt, pepper, basil, oregano, paprika, and any other spices you have! Try different combinations!

For veggies, try the cinnamon roasted veggies on my blog! It’s a great way to incorporate more veggies into your diet and still have that sweet flavor!

Have you seen Netflix’s “to the bone” trailer? 20. August 2017

Yes, I’ve seen the movie and I thought it was really well done! Obviously it doesn’t speak to everyone’s experience, but I thought they did a good job of portraying the way someone with an ED’s mind works.

Hi Christina! I love seeing your recipes – we have very similar cooking styles. I would love to see make a Greek recipe with a vegan greek sauce! I bet it would be so yummy!!! 20. August 2017

Aww thank you! That’s a great idea — will work on something soon!! Thank you for your suggestion!

Hi CHristina! I really loved listenIng to your solo poDcast- youre So inspiring! It was the first podcast of yours ive listened to and cant wait to listen to all the others. I was wondering what your opinion on the netflix documentary “what the health” is? Or just a plant based diet with tofu as the main Protein sOurce? Thanks!! 25. July 2017

Aww thank you so much! That is so sweet of you. I’m actually hoping to do a podcast episode about it, but I think that that movie is bad propaganda. It makes me upset that so many people are listening to it. I recommend looking elsewhere for health advice…

you and addie martanovic are my absolute faves. i listen to your podcasts on repeat, you’ve changed my life 25. July 2017

You are so sweet! Thank you for listening! We love you too <3

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