hey christina! I am super addicted to actually adultish, and have been binge listening for the past two days (since I found it)! even though I’m a trojan, still i love you and your podcast very very much hahaha! so i have a question for you: what’s your favorite book(s) on adulting? 13. May 2017

Yay! You are so sweet! I’m not sure they are on “adulting” per say, but I love You Are a Badass, Big Magic, and The 4-Hour Workweek!

what are some of your FAVORITE health podcasts to listen to? :- 13. May 2017

I have so many! A few I really love are Balanced Bites, Paleo for Women, The Model Health Show, Bulletproof Radio, Ben Greenfield, Melissa Ambrosini, The Keto Diet Podcast, Fat Burning Man, and Fitness Confidential!

‘Ello lovely! I’M finding the joke about my bank statement becoming a food diary true. 😂 Sometimes products are even expensive on Amazon. What are your thoughts on THRIVE market? I have become shipping spoiled with Amazon, if you use THRIVE, what is the average turnaround time that you’ve experienced? All the best, Karrie 🤗💖 3. May 2017

I love Thrive! It is slower than Amazon, and usually takes about a week, but it has a much better selection of products and you save a ton of money! I would highly recommend it!

Did you find out about orthorexia on your own? Or did your doctor’s tell you that’s what you had? How did that work if it isn’t listed in the dsm? 3. May 2017

I found out about it just off of my own research, when I saw a video with Jordan Younger talking about it. Then I started researching it and learning more about it, and I eventually read Breaking Vegan. I talked about it with my therapist and she agreed I had it, even though it’s not yet in the DSM.

Is there any way to tell the difference between water weight, fat, and muscle weight? 3. May 2017

Yes! Many practitioners will have machines that can measure the difference. My doctor uses an inBody scanner that tells you the measurements of each. You can also get commercial scales that measure water weight, muscle, and fat, but they’re not as accurate!

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